Now you’re Cooking!

You’ve just bought a shiny new grill and you can’t wait to cookout! But wait, before you grill those steaks, burgers and garden fresh veggies – season your grill. Barbecue grills are like cast-iron skillets, the more you use them, the better they get and the better the food tastes. When food cooks on the grill, the fats and juices are vaporized by the heating element and create the smoke that flavors the food with the legendary grilled taste. The smoke accumulates on the inside of the grill and is “seasoned,” making your food “sing” with grilled flavor.

The easiest way to season your new grill or a grill that has just been cleaned for the season is to fill the cooking grate with uncooked link sausages – not the bulk breakfast variety. Grill the sausages slowly on a low-medium heat until very brown. Remove the sausages and let the grill burn off the residue for 20-30 minutes. Clean the cooking grates with a brass-bristle brush and you are ready to cook!